About The Artist

6/18/65 - Present
I've always been interested in artistic things since I can remember. I can recall, as a baby, looking through my crib bars at a tapestry my Mom had hanging on the wall and just being in awe.
I can recall how some paintings brought out strong feelings and influenced how I looked at life and everything around me.

Through my school years I would draw things for family members, friends, and myself. It was always an enriching experience to see how many people I could make happy with my ability.

I saw a comment, somewhere, that every drawing an artist ever does is a self portrait. I like that idea.

I only display my artwork in cafe's, clubs, online, and my vendor booth at art festivals and horse shows.
I've never had any real interest in getting involved with the politics of having my work shown in galleries,
but maybe someday that might interest me.

I really can't say much more than that I simply enjoy drawing things that I find beautiful.. and beautiful things are always showing themselves to me.

And as long as beautiful things keep showing themselves to me, I'll keep on drawing.