All I need is a clear image which can be sent to me through email, or given to me directly. The better the detail in the picture, the better the finished drawing will be.

Some of my drawings have taken 16 hours to finish, others have taken 4 hours. It all depends on how big the drawing is, and how much detail is in the drawing.

My rates vary depending on the size of the drawing and how much detail is involved. I will be able to give an accurate estimate once I see the picture. I guarantee my work so you don't have to pay for it if you aren't satisfied for any reason.
Here is an example of what rates I might charge by the size of the drawing:
9" x 12"
$150 to $300

13" x 15"
$300 to $500

18" x 24"
$500 and up

Contact me for anything larger.

I can frame the drawing if you would like it framed. An estimate for the cost of a basic black frame, 3" white mat, and glass for an 18" x 24" drawing would cost $120. The shipping cost would add to that cost depending on where it is sent and at what rate. Shipping for a portrait at that size would typically cost around $80 for the reinforced packaging and mailing. I generally send the finished portrait in a mailing tube with no charge for the shipping.

If you have any questions or are ready to send me your pictures, please feel free to Email me.

If you are interested in my resin jewelry, please visit my other site:
Zen Resinwood